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P.A.I.N. is POWERFUL, AFFIRMING, INFLUENTIAL, and NECESSARY! We must not continue to fear P.A.I.N. because we only hinder our ascension process. Anyone that has experienced pain has a testimony to share with the world, a life to save, and a soul to heal (including your own). P.A.I.N. is PRODUCTIVE because it holds you ACCOUNTABLE to lead your life effectively, it INSPIRES you to overcome life’s obstacles victoriously with a NEW perspective on life that awakens you to the power within. P.A.I.N. certifies that YOU ARE A SURVIVOR! Stop wasting energy complaining about politicians and the drama society continues to profit off and respect yourself enough to recognize the POWER you obtain. AFFIRM who you are daily with positive words, INFLUENCE and INSPIRE people to want to strive and thrive for excellence because it is NECESSARY! BE ENLIGHTENED to the light you hold. Therefore, it is your duty to make sure the world is aware your light exists, nobody else. Stop being fearful and become fearless because P.A.I.N. is love and love is you.


Dr. Scholar Lee 

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