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Through speaking, Spirituality, and his 1-on-1 mentorship program, Dr. Scholar Lee is a name and brand you can trust. His purpose is to educate, elevate, enlighten, and empower people to evolve into a greater version of themselves. Dr. Scholar Lee will deliver more than the quality you’ve come to expect, YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!!! Book Dr. Scholar Lee for a Spiritual enlightenment session, to speak at your next event, and or to be your Mentor. 

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Imagine the mesmerizing experience, empowerment, and inspiration you will embody having Dr. Scholar Lee as a Keynote Speaker and or guest on a discussion panel at your event.




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Are you ready to make a lifestyle transformation?

Are you searching for the wisdom and enlightenment to lead a healthy and authentic life?


Do you desire to align with THEE INFINITE ABUNDANT MENTALITY (THEE I.A.M.) to reinvent yourself?

Dr. Scholar Lee is here to enlighten and empower you on your transformational journey to greatness. Over a minimum of 12 weeks, Dr. Scholar Lee will help you get clear on your vision and commit to creating the vision. This mentorship program, through expert advice and proactive guidance, will have you excelling in a way you never thought possible. Remember, change starts internally and then externally. Also, you must make the necessary decisions and investments to create the change you envision and desire. Dr. Scholar Lee's goal is to help you align with your I.A.M. to align with the G.O.D.fidence necessary to create your hearts desires. 


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Do you desire peace of mind and inner peace?

Are you on a quest to obtain an inner-standing of self, over-standing of your purpose and value, and an understanding of your truth?


Do you need enlightenment about a concern, situation, and or relationship?

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am here to help YOU! I Am an intuit, empath, and Spiritual Advisor that will enlighten you to what Spirit is wanting to communicate to you concerning the matters of your heart, mind, and soul. As your Spiritual Advisor, I utilize different Spiritual and Astrological tools to communicate with Spirit and to guide you to enlightenment concerning your concerns, situations, and or healing process. 


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