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Love Yourself Enough!

If Loving Yourself is Wrong than Choose too not Be Right!

LOVE YOURSELF ENOUGH! So, it is not an option for someone else. The self-love you possess should be mirrored in ALL your relationships. YOU MUST have an INNER-KNOWING and an OVER-STANDING of who you are. Most importantly, be UNAPOLOGETIC!

Great people, I want you to have an inner standing that being different is normal, and not the other way around. STOP allowing societal biases to contaminate your AUTHENCITY! Exercise and share your AUTHENTIC INTELLIGENCE. Shakespeare says, "To Be or Not To BE" Therefore, YOUR PURPOSE IS TO BE AUTHENTIC because to not be is a curse not worth living. I empower everyone to "Continue Being Great. Be Bold & most importantly BE YOU!"

Yours Truly,

Dr. Scholar Lee 

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