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Are You T.R.A.N.S.?

YES, I AM TRANS! I continue to be TRIUMPHANT over life's obstacles, RECOGNIZED, RESPECTED & REWARDED for my AUTHENTIC expression. Furthermore, I am a NOBLE individual who is SOPHISTICATED & SUCCESSFUL. One of Society's greatest powerhouses are the labels, categories, and definitions in which they create and place upon people. I empower you to take your power back and redefine societal labels and categorical biases.


WE ALL ARE LGBTQIAA+! You are a LEGEND in your Divine right. You are GIFTED. Be BRAVE and continue to THRIVE for whatever it is you feel you deserve because you are QUALIFIED, INFLUENTIAL/ INTELLIGENT, and AUTHENTIC. Furthermore, ACCEPT who you are first, so it is not an option for anyone else. Also, the + is to remind you that YOU ARE WORTH SO MUCH MORE!


I define who I am, therefore, I am not ashamed of my gender expression being that of TRANS experience nor am I ashamed to be part of the LGBTQIAA+ community. I do not give someone else the power that was Divinely given to me. It is my Divine right to exercise my power and create my labels and definitions, and I do not allow anyone to tell me different. I advise everyone to gain 20/20 vision and join the TRANSformation train. Lastly, I encourage all to continue to be GREAT, BE BOLD & BE YOU!


Yours Truly,

Dr. Scholar Lee

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